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We strive to provide fast, reliable, suitable and consistently high quality solutions at all levels.


NT Computeac offers advanced new technologies, reliable sales and extensive technical and training services to our growing list of satisfied customers.  We combine industry best practices, proven technologies and rigorous processes, to enable our clients to become more effective at customer acquisition, retention and service.


NT Computeac was founded in 1998 by professionals who already had years of experience in the computer industry.  With that wealth of experience in hand, they saw the opportunity to establish a company that would develop and supply a better and more reliable product to the marketplace.  The company had a very modest beginning, consisting of just a sales office and a small, modern well equipped workshop.


NT Computeac senior management team is comprised of experienced and skilled individuals, all with relevant Customer Relationship Management expertise and proven track records.  Our style is approachable, direct and honest - we refuse work that does not directly contribute to value for our clients.

NT Computeac employees are committed to a core set of values:


  • Act in the client's best interest
  • Be passionate about solving problems
  • Be direct and honest
  • Respect their colleagues
  • Understand the meaning of commitment
  • Embrace change
  • ​Have a relentless drive to succeed
  • Focus on building a profitable business

Customer Service is the most important thing at NT Computeac, we want our customer to come in and walk out feeling great about their experience.

Charles Sweatnham, NT Computeac

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